your session


What to Expect:

You can expect to have a great time!!!   Children & family sessions last approximately 1 hour while Newborn and Senior sessions last about 2 hours.  I am quite laid back and want you to be as well!  Come to the session with the intentions of hanging out with your family.  Tickle, play, chase, explore!  For newborn sessions, I will have everything but the baby, that’s your job.  Seniors, we will go to a variety of destinations.  The more relaxed you feel the more natural your photos will turn out.  My editing style is clean, bright and timeless.  If you have any questions for me regarding your session don’t hesitate to contact me!



licia marie photography is located in Alexandria, MN.  At our new location we have both an indoor studio and acres of grass and tress to create a gorgeous backdrop for your session!  We can also head into town for a more urban look, out to the lake or a location of your choice!  Let us explore all our options!



Let me know ahead of time what you expect and want out of the session.  The more I know the more I can provide.  Getting everyone ready can be stressful, but try to make it fun!  If kids are involved tell them how excited you are for the pictures and how excited I am to meet them.  Inform them they can tell me all about their favorite things (you get some beautiful natural smiles when they talk about things they love).  For indoor sessions we will utilize your whole house (bedroom, nursery, playroom), so please have the house clutter free and ready as a backdrop.  I recommend 1 outfit per child per session because most kids do not like being changed (and we don’t want a smile turned upside down).  It also allows for any potential wall displays to blend well.  If you are planning to have multiple outfits please have them laid out and ready to go!  Speaking of outfits what to wear?


What to Wear:

newborns  ~  I prefer newborns to be in their most natural state, in the buff.  Feel free to provide cute hats and headbands yourself but I will provide some as well.  If you don’t know where to find them I’m happy to recommend some great vendors.  Parents can dress as they please, but as a new mom, wear something you feel comfortable in.

kids  ~  Outfits can make your session POP…or flop so take the time to plan them out.  They don’t need to be expensive, heck you can borrow from a friend or get creative in your own closet!  With infants we will do some diaper shots.  If you have a diaper cover please have it out and ready.  The bigger kids look great in layers or whatever they are comfortable in.  Be careful of puffy jackets as they can block their faces.  Color and patterns are great!  Please shy away from cutesy characters or clothing that has a lot of writing on them as it can be distracting.  Bare feet babes are wonderful!  Please leave the tennis shoes and crocks at home.  Check out Wardrobe Wednesday on Facebook for great outfit ideas!!!

everyone else  ~  Feel free to add some color to the shoot!  Bold fun colors are always great!  If there is more than one person in the picture try to wear clothes that compliment one another and mix up the textures (solids, stripes, plaids) .  Ladies have fun with shoes, scarves, jewelry that add some character to the scene and for the guys plan to wear nice semiformal brown or black shoe.  Unless we are taking sports shots, please leave the tennis shoes at home.